Zoorassic Park At The Living Desert Zoo

Awesome Show!

Awesome Show!

A brand new feature at the Living Desert in Palm Desert is the Zoorassic Park experience. See what the kids and I thought of it below.

When we used to live near the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, one of our favorite things to see there was the Dinosaur Encounters. A little show that used large dino puppets. It’s one of the things we missed most when we moved. Now we don’t have to miss it anymore, because the Living Desert right near us has a whole new show featuring their own large dino puppets.

Zoorassic park brings puppets, live animals and caretakers together for an entertaining show that keeps the kid’s interest throughout.

I would even go as far to say that it is better than the LA show. The reason being is that at the Natural History Museum talks for a good 10 minutes before bringing out one of two dinos and then the puppet is out for only about five minutes.

The Living Desert Show, on the other hand, though the dinos are out for about the same time, you get to see both dinosaurs in the show and in between there are live animals and an actual production going on that keeps you interested throughout.

According to the Living Desert’s website:

The show’s life-like dinosaur characters were designed and built by hand by the Chiodo Bros., a Hollywood creature-making team whose work has been featured in such films as “Critters,” “Elf,” “Dinner For Schmucks” and “Gremlins.”

The dinos are very impressive and if you sit in just the right spot (try front row center) you might get to see one up close as a volunteer.

I don’t want to give too much away, but you can see the dinos and other live animals they feature in the gallery below. Ignore it if you want to be surprised. The show plays three times a day and is free with paid admission to the zoo and it is running through 2015.

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  1. Looks great. I would love to take our boys there. I just posted yesterday about travel with kids and I always read when I see kids on trips. So educational for them. Thanks for the post!


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