Watching Disneyland Fireworks Without The Crowd ~ Stay In Fantasyland

How to avoid this mess.

How to avoid this mess.

 The Disneyland firework shows are second to none. However, watching them can be a real pain if you are not a fan of crowds. Here is an easy uncrowded way to see the fireworks.

Around the Disneyland parks, you may notice signs announcing that certain attractions will close early in Fantasyland so the fireworks can happen. These signs seem to have an effect of keeping most people out of Fantasyland all together while the fireworks are popping off. Either they think they can’t stay in Fantasyland, or they are in that giant hoard at the front of the castle to watch the fireworks.

Yes the front of sleeping beauty’s castle is the best viewing area for the fireworks, and if you want to experience every nuance of the show, you should brave the crowds and watch them there. However, if you don’t mind missing the symmetry in favor of just watching great fireworks, seeing them from behind the castle is a great option. You can still hear the music and catch glimpses of any flying characters the show might have. Plus some of the rides are still open during the fireworks. My favorite fireworks memory is riding the Casey Jr. Train with the kids while the fireworks were going off.

Stand behind the carousel to get the mirror view of people in front of the castle.

Stand behind the carousel to get the mirror view of what the people see in front of the castle.

The best benefit of being in Fantasyland is when the fireworks end. You can easily head off to another ride without having to endure the massive crush of everyone leaving the firework watching area. It has literally taken me an hour to remove myself from the front of the castle, the picture above is the norm for the crowd that gathers. So learn from my mistakes and try the view from the back.


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