5 Reasons the Legoland Hotel is Worth the Extra Money



We recently stayed four nights at the Legoland Hotel. It was my daughter’s birthday and we will be moving to the East Coast in a few months so we wanted to treat her and us to an all out vacation.

I’m usually the frugal traveler, taking the best room I can find for the best price, but as everyone in the family stated, this was the best hotel we’d ever stayed in. See why we liked it so much below.

For reference, I booked the hotel about two months in advance and we stayed during an off peak time. We spent about $180 a night (for a standard themed Explorer room that sleeps 5, one king bed and a bunk bed with trundle in an adjoining room). If I’d booked at the La Quinta we usually stay at, the price would have been $95 a night (two queen bed single room).

So what exactly is worth the extra $100 a night?

1. You’re At Legoland

There is no driving and parking to get to the resort. The hotel is right next to it. You walk out the door and over to the front gate in all of a minute. The parking fee for the hotel is included in the resort fee. If you are driving in you’ll have to pay at least $10 a day to park at Legoland (there is close parking for even more).

2. Get in Early To Legoland

It was an off peak time for us so there weren’t many lines at anytime of the day, but the extra time in the park could definitely come in handy during peak times.

You can see the lanyard on my daughter's neck.

You can see the lanyard on my daughter’s neck.

Using the lanyard you receive at check in, you can get past the ropes and in to a few choice rides before the rest of the crowd.

3. Awesome Free Buffet Breakfast

La Quinta has a continental style breakfast, Legoland has a mega buffet breakfast. Made to order omelettes, hot food, cold food, even ice cream. This is the best free hotel breakfast any of us had ever had. Plus the waiters have some insider knowledge about the park so be sure to talk to them as they come around. Follow their advice about hitting the buffet before 8:30 am, they aren’t kidding about it getting busy after that.

4. Cool Hotel Details

From the lego pit in the lobby, to the disco elevator there are so many things to see and experience in the hotel.

Lego pit in the lobby.

Lego pit in the lobby.

They have nightly entertainment which was great for us since the park closed fairly early for the off peak days (6pm). The kids had just as much fun playing around the hotel as in the park. Plus the pool is heated year round so be sure to bring your suits.

5. The Room

Everyone in the family agreed that this was the coolest hotel room we have ever stayed in, and we have stayed in a lot.

The Lego themed room had a wonderful layout that seperated the adults from the kids but still allowed you to keep an ear on them.

I want that sink.

I want that sink.

The bathroom is very modern with a trough sink (which I now want in my house), and a kid friendly double toilet seat (A smaller seat sits inside the lid and can be pulled down for the smaller humans in the room.) The room was very spacious, you would have no problem storing your stroller along with all of your other stuff.

The Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest

Also the kids get a new “treasure” for every night you stay and there are complimentary refreshments (water and honest juice) left for all of us. Such a great experience, I highly recommend it. Check out the gallery for more photos of the room and hotel as well as the video below for a more in depth look at the room.

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