Me and the kids.

Me and the kids.

I’m the over prepared traveler type.

I read everything I can about a destination before I go. I’m the type that will scour websites for the best deal, coupon, or tip. Then when I get there, I use that knowledge to make the most of the trip.

Now I want to share that knowledge with you. Not only will I give you tips on travel, but I will give you fast tips on various destinations. I call them fast tips because most people don’t want to sift through a never-ending post to find one good bit of into they may need for their vacation. Instead I will break up these tips (such as picking the right hotel for your Disney trip) into separate posts so you can find what you need fast.

On top of my fast tips, I will give a general overview of specific destinations:

  • How the whole family liked it and any special information that would be relevant to the trip.
  • I’m part of a military family so I’ll let you know of any special promotions for military.
  • I homeschool, so I’ll let you  know if the trip has learning opportunities.
  • I’m a super packer, so I’ll let you know if you should bring anything special to the destination.

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I will give objective feedback about places such as cleanliness, employee competence, ease of access, etc…, but I will also share how much I and the rest of the family enjoys our destination.

A traveler’s experience is, of course, subjective. I’m a very easy going person, and it does not take a lot to make me or happy. With that said, please do not rely on my own experiences as a gauge for what you might experience. I know everyone knows this but for legal reasons I need to state it.

While this is a new website, if I ever one day am gifted something to review. I will state in the post that it was gifted and my review will in no way be biased.

You will see links from time to time with products or services I am recommending. These are actual places and things I visit or use. I might receive a small percentage through the link when you click on it. Please know that I don’t post random items just to get clicks. I only post things I really love.

Businesses change constantly, so please check your destination websites for the most up to date info. I cannot be held responsible if something I suggest, no longer exists or is not available in the same manner as when I write about it.  If you find that my previous info is out of date, I would love feedback so that I can update it. You can leave it right in a comment on the post that is outdated and I will confirm the information and change the post.

Want to contact me with praise, scorn, or free things? Do so right below.


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